Te Araroa Trail & Cyclist Discounts

The Te Araroa Trail is growing in popularity and this has been reflected by the steady increase in the number of walkers and cyclists choosing to stay at Havelock Holiday Park for one or two days (and sometimes more) after they come off the Queen Charlotte / Link pathway Track.

We have set aside a couple of areas close to the facilities where you can pitch your tents.

Generally people on the Te Araroa trail have been a great bunch to deal with, so we want to help make their journey through NZ a wee bit cheaper.

learn about our Te Araroa discounts

There is usually no need to book, as we will always find space for you but if you want the security of knowing that we have kept a spot for you then book as normal, mention in the comments field that you are walking the trail and we will apply the discounted price.

Please note that this discount only applies if you arrive during office hours (08:00-18:00) or if you have been in contact previously to arrange a late arrival.

Food Parcel Drop offs

We also accept any food parcels that are dropped off or delivered for Te Araroa Walkers as well. Just supply names of people that they are for, expected date of arrival and contact details.




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