Pet friendly camping at Havelock Holiday Park

We welcome responsible pet owners looking for pet-friendly camp grounds. Our park-like camp grounds and facilities allow you to bring your furry family member with you on your Havelock or Marlborough camping holiday.

Guests are required to declare their pets upon booking. Some restrictions apply, so it is wise to check before arrival but we aim to do our best to accommodate those well-travelled pets that love the great outdoors as much as you do.

Pet Rules

Should you be accompanied by a pet then the following rules shall apply at all times. These rules have been designed to enable all guests, including those that don’t share your passion, to have the best experience possible while staying with us. All Pet owners are asked to read them carefully so they are fully aware what is expected of them. It is hoped you understand that these rules are necessary in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests.

Pets strictly by arrangement only.

It is your responsibility to advise us about your pet at the time of booking.

Pets are only permitted in “Pet-Friendly” Cabin or your own camper-van, caravan or tent.

For pets staying inside:

For all pets staying inside our roofed accommodation, there is a charge of $20 per animal per night.

We respectfully ask that pets stay off furniture & bedding at
all times. Guests should have their own crate or bedding for animals to
sleep on.

For pets staying outside:

If your pets will sleep outside our accommodation (such as in vehicles), there is no charge.

If you intend on having your pets sleep outside, please do not
include them in your online booking, but do let us know in the booking

Day visitors arriving with dogs must check with Management before bringing them into the Park.

Pets are NOT permitted to be brought into the Park by day visitors without gaining approval of Management. If Guests have a visitor turning up with a dog, please immediately bring them to the Office or a representative of the Park for approval.

Pets are not permitted inside any buildings.

With the exception of certified service dogs, pets are not permitted to be taken into any of the Parks facilities or buildings.

Dogs are to be strictly walked and toileted OFF the parks grounds at all times.

Any accidental fouling whilst your dog is in the park is to be picked up immediately and disposed of properly. It is expected that the same will happen while walking or exercising them outside of the park grounds as well.

Dogs must be kept under strict control and on a short lead at all times.

They must be attached by way of short lead to a member of your party or your vehicle, or enclosed securely within their own cage or house. Under no circumstances shall a dog be permitted to roam free within the park grounds.

Dog owners must ensure their pets are kept as quiet as possible.

Owners are asked to ensure their pets are kept as quiet as possible at all times and do not cause annoyance to other guests. For this reason, your pet is not to be left unattended on your campsite.

Management reserves the right to ask non complying pet owners to leave.

Management reserves the right to request that you and your pet leave the park grounds if it finds that the above rules are not being adhered to or other guests feel threatened or upset by the presence of your pet.

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